About Jeffri Lynn

Known for her versatility and ability to blend her elegant sound with various musical landscapes, Jeffri Lynn’s voice seamlessly flows from angelic and ethereal, to sultry and intimate, to powerful and passionate. Her genuine presence and soulful singing creates transcendent and deeply moving performances.

“A voice so rich and full, with a pure heart.”

Jeffri Lynn uses her voice like a finely tuned instrument – breathing intention and heartfelt emotion into each note, while being highly sensitive to subtleties and dynamics.


Jeffri Lynn Carrington has loved to sing from the time she was a small child. She began studying voice in private lessons when she was 12 years old, and continues to refine and expand her instrument and abilities with every musical endeavor. She has dedicated her life to singing with emotion, technique, and soul. Her repertoire and style spans across many genres including classical, folk, jazz, world music in many languages, cinematic music, and avant-garde improvisation.

Over the past 17 years Jeffri Lynn has performed all over the world with a wide variety of professional groups including jazz ensembles such as Timberline Express Big Band, choral/chamber music ensembles such as the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers and Opus7, and with a wide variety of bands doing original music and covers, both as a lead and harmony singer. She performs as a soloist with symphonies and orchestras, and works regularly as a session vocalist in recording studios. Jeffri Lynn sang as a lead soprano on Dave Brubeck’s album called American Poets with the Pacific Mozart Ensemble. Currently, she is working on recording an album of her own original music, and creating remote recordings and accompanying videos in nature’s cathedrals.

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Jeffri playing marimba
Jeffri White Dress 1
Jeffri White Dress 1